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Public accounting is at a major turning point: Increased connectivity is enabling a deeper integration with our clients than ever before, expanding the role we play in the success of our partners. It's a new era where formal education and certifications are taking a back seat to problem solving and communication skills. This is our vision for the future, and it's when tackling these fresh opportunities that we believe people are at their best.


Life at Brenner

We love what we do, and it shows in the enjoyable office environment we have created. Work alongside people who are passionate about the future of public accounting, and value the contributions of every member of the team. We want our staff to be happy and healthy both inside and outside the office, and have developed a company culture that reinforces that mantra.


In addition to competitive compensation packages, Brenner offers the following benefits:


Health & wellness
Health, life & disability insurance is made available to all full-time employees at no cost. Many of our staff use sit/stand desks, and our break room is stocked with fresh produce during tax season.


Paid time off
All staff members receive three weeks paid time off per year, plus comp time for overtime worked. Professional staff earned an average of 9.8 weeks combined PTO and comp time in 2017. Staff are also allowed to cash out comp time at their discretion.


Retirement planning
Brenner matches up to 4% of 401(k) deferrals, in addition to a discretionary profit sharing contribution.


Flexible work scheduling
Most positions allow for hands-off, flexible work scheduling.



Do I need public accounting experience to work at Brenner?
Junior positions require no public experience. Many of our most successful team members have come from other industries & professions,

Do I need an accounting degree to work at Brenner?
No. An accounting degree is not required for any of our accounting positions.

What is tax season like at Brenner?
There's no hiding from tax deadlines, but we take great care not to get caught up in the rush. Our professional staff worked an average of 54 hours per week during the 2018 tax season. Sick of the tax season crush? Keep an eye out for a position with our managed accounting team and avoid tax season altogether.

Will you let me know if the job I applied for has been filled?
If you haven't heard from us in two months about a job application, we have likely proceeded with other candidates. However, we might reach out if another position becomes available that suits your skills and interests.


Current Positions


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If you don't see a role that's for you, we'd still love to hear from you. Leave us a message and tell us a bit about yourself.





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